Our 4’s classes have a strong focus on literacy and kindergarten readiness.

In the Traditional Class we review shapes and numbers introduced previously but with emphasis on applying their use. The alphabet is covered focusing on recognition and turning the letter sounds into words.

Our Transitional Class is for children who may be a little older or who are ready for a different approach. This class is more center based. Centers can include: Science, Art, Writing, Construction, Dramatic Play and others which rotate throughout the year. We emphasize problem solving and critical thinking activities both individualized and as a group.

Creative writing is encouraged across the curriculum in both groups. Both classes work together on many activities and for outdoor playtime, lunch and rest.

Afternoons in the 4’s means; Afternoon Adventures! Each day brings a different activity for enrichment for the full day children. They can include cooking, science experiments, problem solving, art experiences and many others all designed to supplement our morning activities.